Me; Uni life and The Visit…

I’m new to blogging; I can’t say I’ve done it before but as it is now part of a module I’m doing at uni i thought i would give it a good shot so here goes!

First things first, Im Harry, I’m 18 and I’m a film student at the university of West London! Starting university for me was the scariest experience – and I’ve been a drama student acting as the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland to an audience! – and yet I’ve never had so much fun, The people are amazing the course looks fantastic!! Im going to the film society of Pulp Fiction on friday which will be fun, overall Im just loving uni life!!

I thought i would also talk about the most recent film I’ve seen in cinema which was the horror film ‘The Visit’ byΒ M. Night Shyamalan. Through trailers the film itself looked promising to me, It looked like a good movie. Then came the actual realisation Β that the film is – how me and my friend described it – a ‘beautiful trainwreck’. The film lacked any horror, which for a horror film is ironic, the casting for me was not the best choice and overall i just found that it wasn’t a horror film for me, if anything i found the film funny which was not what the director wanted for his audience I’m sure. Whilst others may enjoy this film, i myself did not and would not recommend it.

So thats it for my first post, About my post before this if you’re confused don’t be, the title explains it all as it is for an assignment.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post on my new blog!

Ill be posting quite often so ill hopefully get the hang off it pretty soon!!


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