Assignment 3 – Museum Task

For this weeks assignment we was tasked with going to a museum/exhibition and write about whether and how it inspired us. I went to the V&A museum and immediately what stood out to me was the detail on the arts and sculptures that were around me.

Each piece of work that i looked at – Pictures attached – came with history, each was crafted into every little detail and  that made me think of detail within film. If a filmmaker like myself went into precise detail just like in these items it – personally – would make the film to feel authentic and more genuine and it shows the hard work thats gone into it and for me thats something important that every filmmaker should achieve.

What also stood out to me was the history behind the items. Every single item had a vast history to it and again this made me think; If our films such as costume and props had the amount of history as the items in the museum did again as a filmmaker it would make our films feel more genuine.

The V&A museum offered vast and unique sculptures; arts and mosaics that each had a different effect when looked at, for a filmmaker a museum or museum exhibition can be an important yet also inspiration place to go to as a director can learn a lot from everything that surrounds them and for a filmmaker this is a unique experience.

Personally I would recommend the V&A museum to any filmmaker.

Harry IMG_6162 IMG_6164 IMG_6165 IMG_6181 IMG_6182

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