Assignment 4 – My responsibilities as an editor ( Short Film assignment)

For our short film assignment i have chosen the role as the editor.

As the editor i have a number of roles to do, but this mainly comes within the post- production process. In terms of this short film however i have also taken on some roles in pre-production.

First off i am helping with the research and creating the story itself, this is a long and thorough process yet proves to be helpful when the whole group is working as a team. I am helping with the story treatment and script along with finding the locations and helping with the schedules. The pre-production is more a team effort. When it comes down to editing is when i have to be prepared.

More importantly when it comes to my roles as editorΒ there are a list of things that is important for me to have ready. I first have to make sure my software and libraries are ready for me to edit on. For this short project i am using final cut. I have to have libraries organised in order for me to separate the footage in terms of rushes and final edits etc. I am also learning about colour grading and effects to help with the film itself. As the film is not going to have music and limited dialogue learning about sound is not essential yet i am still making sure i know about it. All of these i am learning about in tutorials. I am also testing out with other footage from other projects to practice my skills ready for our short film. For example i took a film i did last year and completely re-edited it again with the skills i have learnt the past few weeks. This will help me in the editing process.

The process of editing is a long one and this film is not going to be an exception. For the editing of this film i will need a lot of time to spend with the director; Cinematographer and Producer to make sure the final cut meets the overall vision of the film. The process will take a while but the overall product – I’m confident – will look great and a product we are all pleased with.

Harry πŸ™‚

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