Assignment 5 – Responsibilities as an editor (Research)

Well this is awkward…

Not only have I not posted in weeks I have also got this blog and the last one mixed up and in the wrong order; Whoops! Oh well doesn’t matter. What does matter is this. What is editing?

Its simple; editing is the process of taking all of the footage filmed for your production and transforming it from a simple batch of footage – which we call rushes – and creating the final film. This for any editor including myself is a very exciting yet daunting prospect. Its exciting because you have the ability with your director and your team to create something amazing. Yet its also daunting because the whole film rests in your hands. If it goes wrong not only is the film ruined but the whole team would have worked hard for nothing.


No pressure at all then.


So why do it? Simple; it’s a challenge. To take something that has just been filmed and create a film with it is a huge yet such an exciting challenge. Having only created short films and YouTube productions in the past I knew editing was always my strong point yet it doesn’t mean it isn’t frightening! Especially in this course when the grade relies on it!


Anyway more on that another week. What in the past has inspired me to do editing. Well here’s a few examples…


When looking at editing I turn to one film that may not be the most famous example to people but for me it grabbed my attention and made me want to learn more about editing. This is through the film of Hot Fuzz directed by Edgar Wright.

Hot fuzz was edited by Chris Dickens and is one of the three films in the well known ‘Cornetto Trilogy’ and Hot fuzz is by far my favourite of the three. It starts as it means to go on with a fast paced montage sequence within the first 2 minutes of the film.

In this sequence we learn all about the main character; his job and aspirations as well as what has happened in his past which we learn before the film has even hit the five-minute marker. For me watching this sequence immediately grabbed my attention and helped me fall in love with the film.

As well as this, the film – and the rest of the trilogy – uses a technique people know to be called smash cuts. These are used to illustrate the mind set of the characters giving us more information about the characters and what they are thinking. They are also used to pass the time in a fast and effective way. These are used in multiple scenes within this film and also its partner films Shaun of the Dead and The Worlds end. Both illustrate the character’s way of thinking and helps pass the time in an interesting way.

Okay well there’s a couple of examples for you; I have loads and loads but I just wanted to show two brief ones; hopefully you get a understanding of editing. If you ever have a chance to watch Hot Fuzz and haven’t seen it; Watch it. It is amazing.

Overall the prospect of editing is a fun experience yet also a learning curve; although it can be frightening at points you always learn something new and each day is a different challenge.


A challenge I absolutely love.



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