Assignment 6 – Film evaluation


‘Seven’ or ‘Se7en’ as it was known to some people is a film directed by none other than David Fincher who has also directed Fight Club; Thesocial network and most recently ‘Gone Girl’. Released in 1995 the film starred Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman; Two well known and publicised stars in their own right. The film was known as a psychological thriller and one of the first of its kind to truly set audiences pulses racing.

Lets begin by looking at the plot. The plot consisted of a short tempered rookie cop named David Mills – Brad Pitt – being partnered with a soon to be retiring veteran Detective William R Somerset. Together they investigate a series of ghastly crimes and murders that are connected to the seven deadly sins – Hence the name of the film itself – committed by a mysterious John Doe. The film consists of twist and turns that the viewer finds shocking and unexpected at many points. Without spoiling for those that haven’t watched it when I watched the ending scene named only as ‘The Box’ (For those that have seen it you will understand what that means) it was a scene that flipped the entire film on its head and left my mind racing completely as I pieced the final parts of the puzzle together. An ending you wouldn’t ever see coming.

For me music had a big part of the film. Being not only a psychological thriller yet also maintaining the feeling of a mystery the soundtrack and score is both important in the film to keep the suspense levels high. Again when watching the final scene, the composer Howard Shore makes you sit on the edge of your seat in anticipation of what ‘John Doe’s’ final act will be. Without music the film for me would lack an element of suspense. Something that is crucial for this movie.

In terms of its editing and cinematography the film is stunning. Yes no film is without fault but this one comes very close. There are some amazing sequences filled with montages and parallel editing and lets not forget that title sequence! There are some fantastic shots throughout this film especially with crimes known as ‘Sloth’ and ‘Greed’.

Lastly lets look at the acting within the film. With a stellar cast consisting of Brad Pitt; Morgan Freeman; Gwyneth Paltrow and Kevin Spacey as the mysterious John Doe, I knew the films acting was going to be good. Each cast member stood out to me with Pitt; Freeman and Paltrow providing excellent performances but none other stood out to me than Kevin Spacey. In this film his performance is chilling and even at times a little frightening. He keeps an emotionless expression towards the ending of the film whilst also chilling you to the core.

Overall I found this film to be thoroughly enjoyable, It kept me engaged throughout the film and I would recommend it to everyone. Go give it a watch!



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