Assignment 7 – Reflection of a place.

This week we were tasked with reflecting on a place that inspires us. For me there’s many; but one place stands out more than the rest. The place that inspires me is…


I know I know its quite generic and surely everyone is going to say the same thing but hear me out. For many years especially as a kid going to London for the day was the most fun I could have! Now I go to university there is like a dream come true!

I know what you’re thinking…

Why the hell does London inspire me?

Its busy all the time the people can be rude and the streets packed.

Well that’s the thing I love all of that. For me London is a new lease of life. I love the packed streets with the rude people running to get their trains or busses and then missing them by a fraction of a second. C’mon that is pretty funny! For me I go to London to think. I find London almost peaceful and sometimes ill just get on a train go for a walk and just think and its at those times I get the most thinking done.

Next time you’re in London just stop for a minute and listen. Listen to all the sounds surrounding you. The car horns, The sounds of trains and commuters, The street performers everywhere and even the sound of big ben. For me I think that’s amazing! So many different sounds that surround us each all unique but create a lively environment for me to work; educate and live in.

For me what inspires me most is the environment; the scenery. To be in London and see things like Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, convent garden and the Tower of London is magnificent and no matter how many times you go to see it, it never gets old. To go and sit in Hyde park at night and sit in peace whilst planning my next project or to go to the Southbank and look and the different street performers and the variety of their acts is just amazing and for me the coolest thing in the world.

IMG_0164IMG_6373IMG_6402 (1)IMG_6392 (1)IMG_0192So their you have it, just a little glimpse as to why London is my place of inspiration. For me its full of opportunity and things to discover and explore. A place I can go to think either on my own or with friends. A place where I think of new ideas and watch others create theirs. A place that inspires me. A place that I can call my second home.


((I know I know how cliché))

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