Assignment 9 – Reflections on filming

So… Filming.

To put it in a couple of words. What an experience!!!

Coming from a background where I’ve been on sets before ive realised that each shoot is different and you never really know what to expect when you go to film. You don’t know what will work and what wont; what complications may come up on the day; you are in the dark, but as a very wise man said to me recently. That’s just part of the journey, and boy what a journey this was!

As all of our pre production was complete we was set and ready to film. Our shoot consisted of three locations, two located within Ealing and the last one in Essex. Essex was our main shoot and our priority and this consisted of two separate days’ work. We scheduled both our main actors down for filming and started prepping for a hard days shoot. One thing to remember when going to film ALWAYS have a schedule as without it you will be lost completely! On both days of the shoot we shot from 11am until 8pm, Very long hours – not without a break in-between of course – and realised on day 1 that we were going to have to extend the Essex shoot to two days. Now this was a complication we wasn’t prepared for but had to improvise. We scheduled a plan around our actors and their availability as well as our own and got back to work on the film. Over the course of two days we got all our first location filmed and to the standard we wanted!

As for our other location our filming times were a lot shorter consisting of 10am – 1pm. This was a short shoot but the difference was where our first location was within a house in privacy this location was on both a high street and a church. Which are both free to the public. We had to make sure our shots and script was sculptured around this and got to wok. After a few hours we completed the shoot – not without a few complications but again we managed to overcome them – and that was a wrap with filming!

Overall filming is a long; tiring process where things can go wrong and you can be at a location until 8/9 at night. Yet on the other hand its also amazing! You have the ability to turn an idea to reality in front of your very eyes and to watch your team work together to get the job done is the best feeling in the world. A feeling I never want to forget…


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