Assignment 10 – Career aspirations


Before enrolling to university I always had trouble with what my career was going to be. Did I want to be an Actor? A Director? Cinematographer? Editor?.

These were questions I would ask in my mind daily and never could find a definitive answer. I always knew I my future would lie in film and TV but where exactly I didn’t know…

Then I started this course and it has changed my viewpoints completely! I went from not knowing what I wanted to do to now wanted to try absolutely everything! At the moment im looking at editing. I like to think I was quite good at it before this course and now im learning more about it, its grabbing my interest more and more! I grew up editing short films and have always had an interest with it so learning about it now in much more detail is amazing. To be able to take different elements of film and transform them yourself into a feature production is one of the best experiences. Yes its long and tiring but at the same time it’s a fantastic opportunity.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to try other areas too does it?

I think at the moment whilst my career aspirations lie with being an editor I want to try each different area and see where my strongpoints may lie. To have this experience is amazing and I cannot wait to explore new areas and soon finally decide what I truly want my career to be.

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