Assignment 11 – Reflections on Editing

So editing… Where on earth do I start?

Like i’ve said countlessly over the last 11 weeks, the process of making a film is a long one yet also an amazing experience.

 The first thing I was tasked with doing was creating a running order for the film itself. This allowed for myself and the director to see how the film was initially going to look. We noted which shots we liked and which we didn’t and then I got to work on the rough cut.

A rough cut consists of all the shots you as the editor decide are the best and will make the film as effective as possible. The process of a rough cut is a long one but it extremely important. The rough cut allows the editor and also the director to get a ‘feel’ of the movie in its entirety. It still has faults and issues you have to sort such as the sound and the colour but you get an understanding of how the film is going to look. After this before I can move onto the sound and the colour I had to get a final cut in terms of the visuals. This itself takes a lot of time as – especially in this task – you have a certain running time you have to abide too meaning you have to find time to cut out of the film that you may not want to cut. Believe me finding 10 seconds worth of footage to cut when you have already got rid of 30 is the most frustrating task on the planet!

From here I moved onto sound and colour grading. With sound it is crucial that it is consistent throughout the film. Any dips in the sound or changes in sound quality would affect the film and distract the viewer which is something you do not want to happen. This itself takes about a day’s work and – with help of the director – we got this done and managed to focus on the colour grading.

Colour grading in my point of view is the most difficult part of the edit but when done is the most satisfying. The point of colour grading is to make sure all of the colour in the film flows well and is consistent throughout. For example, in our film we had a scene set within a kitchen. Most of the shots were dark and of natural colours yet one was bright red and yellow. This didn’t reflect the other shots so I had to go to the shot itself and change its colour, exposure and its gain in order for it to match the other shots. For colour grading you have to go through every shot of the film and make sure it is consistent throughout. Any differences at all I had to go back and change otherwise it would not look right.

After all of this was completed the film was completed!! To see the finished film in its entirety was the most satisfying and proudest feeling ever! To see all of this hard work and commitment from everyone finished was a feeling I couldn’t put into words. I cannot to do this all over again!

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