Assignment 12 – Critical Analysis

So… its all over, twelve weeks filled with laughter, tears and the occasional argument or two everything has been completed! The film has been filmed; edited and screened. The feedback went really well with the overall feedback being positive. We were so pleased that our message was received well and I for one felt so pleased to have such a positive response!

So looking back on the past twelve weeks. What has it been like? Its been an experience to say the least. I’ve loved learning about all the different ways to shoot a short film. From learning about different types of cameras to looking at the post-production process have been such an amazing learning experience. To say that in 12 weeks ive learnt how to make a feature film and then go away and create a short one in such a short space of time has been fantastic.

However, there would have been a few things I would have done differently. To start off it goes back to the group work, working in a group for 12 weeks has had its ups and downs. The ups being pulling together and getting all of our work done yet the downside of it has been the arguments. You see working so closely with a group of people for 12 weeks was tough because you don’t always agree with one another leading to the argument or two (In our case two). This was a downside to this module.

However, there were so many upsides, the main being getting together at the end and seeing our finished film and looking at all of the hard work we have done. That was a proud moment. A very proud moment.

AOverall even though this module has been emotional, ive loved every minute. I look forward to a long Christmas break and then coming back ready for the semester ahead!

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