Documentary Module: Today i encountered someone extremely frustrating…

Right. First things first i haven’t actually updated this blog in a while. Mainly because I’ve been lazy not going to lie. But i probably will start updating this more now that I’m back at uni. Plus even though this blog post may contribute to my documentary module, this has nothing to do with university.  I’m going to start with something that happened today which made me want to rant on here to whoever is reading. (Thanks for reading by the way). Pre-Warning i am just going to rant and vent my frustration.

Now I was in Costco earlier. I was with my family and with us was my brother. Now for those that know my brother he’s a down to earth funny kid. Wouldn’t harm a fly. Now my brother being my brother he decided to help the customer behind us by putting his M&M’s and Bananas on the conveyor belt. Now for most people you wouldn’t really say anything, it’s just a random kid in front of you putting items on the till. Some people may find it odd yet still you would say thanks and let that be that.  Now for some reason this guy decided to freak out by saying my brother was contaminating his items and starting to call him a manner of things.

Now already this guy is being unreasonable, the way he was going about things was just wrong. You would understand if he just nicely asked him not to touch his stuff that would be fine but to get angry and start calling him names?!. I mean he didn’t have to say my brother was contaminated?! I mean where does someone even get that from?!.

When we started to explain that my brother was autistic and was just trying to help, along with my brother repeatedly saying “I’m sorry sir, i was just trying to help”, the guy decided that for some reason my brother was stupid and arrogant and that he wasn’t autistic at all. which just isn’t on. He didn’t have the right to say that. Not at all. It was from this point I decided the bloke was just  being downright wrong. To say all this over a pack of M&M’s and a bunch of bananas. I mean really.  Now I’m not sure if you would agree but i didn’t think that putting them onto a conveyor belt was the equivalent of committing a crime?! I mean it’s not like he went and punched the bloke in the face and took the bloody things is it?!

To be completely honest i don’t know why I’m writing this, I just felt like i needed too. My brother didn’t hurt anyone. He was just doing something he felt was helpful. Am i wrong? I guess if I’m trying to say anything it’s just that i hope people actually think before they say anything and freak out instead of deciding to shout at a 12-year-old. Especially when this guy was probably about 65 years old. Now i don’t know this guy and i have gone on too rant about him for 500 words and usually I’m not like this. I don’t mean to be offensive because I’m sure the guy in other situations is a decent guy, however in this situation he wasn’t. He was unkind to my brother and quite frankly thats not cool. If you see a kid doing something my brother did and you don’t like it, maybe just ask nicely for them not too. Instead of saying they are contaminating your items and that they’re stupid, arrogant and a manner of other things.


But i guess that’s probably just too much to ask.


Anyway rant over. If anyone read this then thanks for letting me vent my frustration. Also if the person in question is reading this, I’m sure they’re not, all i want to say is that please next time just think before you say things thats all. This has kinda given me an idea for my main task for documentary, better get preparing that pitch.

Have a nice evening 🙂



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