Documentary Module: My favourite Documentary task…

So… I’m about halfway through my first semester of university and its safe to say its been a mixture of emotions.

Now each semester we study three modules, this time its Screenwriting, Documentary Production and also Recording Reality. Now the last two are quite similar. The subject I’ve enjoyed most so far has got to be Documentary Production.

As i have probably stated in previous blogs I’ve been filming a lot recently. if i have to choose out of everything I’ve filmed so far for this module it has to be the filming in borough market. About a week ago, Mainly due to how impossible it should have been yet somehow we managed to pull it off.

To start off we had to try and get permission, i thought this was going to be super complicated involving emails and phone calls yet all it took was an email and speaking to the manager of borough market and there we had it, we managed to get our permission letter!

Now we had to recce the place (Basically to see if it was suitable for us to use) and then we went to film on the day itself!

The day went as smoothly as we thought it could have! in fact it couldn’t have gone better, we managed to get all the shots we wanted and everyone there was very understanding! thanks to all the traders who helped us and contributed!!

But yeah that was my favourite filming task however i feel like the upcoming documentary task we have will soon be my favourite but more on that soon!

See you next time! Whenever that is!


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