Documentary Module: Life Update…

Well… Hello again.

I’ve really wanted to update you all on this blog for ages! but the simplest explanation as to why i haven’t has been that I’ve been busy . Really busy.

To start with I’m 7 weeks into the first semester of my second year of university and things have gone so fast! I’ve done numerous film tasks and have deadlines looming. Seriously the amount of essays and paperwork due in is ridiculous, which for any student you would understand, it’s absolutely terrifying. Hopefully they go okay! If your reading this and you have a deadline, i know how you feel! good luck!!

We’ve been all over the place filming, borough market in London for a start. A whole day filming around the location making it as dramatic as we possibly could. That certainly was interesting, tiring but interesting. I’m excited to see the finished result soon. Not to mention the quick trip to forbidden planet afterword is always good. Filming has also taken place more closer to home in ealing – If you didn’t know, i live there now – which has been fun too. Just got off set today actually filming a three-way conversation. Lastly were going to essex next week to film a bigger film, a documentary about autism, but more on that at a later date.

University hasn’t just taken up all my time either though, I’ve been trying to keep up with my social life, well as best as i can with no time and not a lot of money being a student, seeing family as often as i can too. Took Max to comic con last week and also had him up to stay at university for the weekend which was bloody brilliant! Β I’ve also been trying to see more films when i get the chance, most recently Doctor Strange. Gonna post a Β review for that on here tomorrow, also if you haven’t me and my mates are doing film reviews on our youtube channel now! We’ve posted a Doctor Strange one so far so go check it out!! Links on Facebook!

But yeah… thats basically been my life over the past 7 weeks, its been hectic and busy and so much more has happened but too much to put into one blog post. I just thought i would ramble for a bit and update anyone who happens to be reading this.

Right I’m going to stop writing now, I’m boring myself let alone how you guys must be feeling reading this!

Thanks for reading!


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