Documentary Module: Another Life Update

Hey everyone.

First things first this is going to be another life update, believe me so much has happen in the space of a few days/week.

Now to start things off I’m super ill recently,Im not going to say how and whats wrong but i kinda just wanted to say, so if you try to contact me recently and i don’t reply, now you know why! Anyway i just thought you all should know and now you do so thats great. Especially since its deadline week this week!

Now I’ve posted quite a bit recently on this blog because of the fact i need to for uni but to be completely honest, I’m rather enjoying all of this. I may very wellΒ carry on after this module has finished, but first i really need to focus on getting this work done! Which actually means that I’m going to sit down eat a doughnut and watch Netflix.

I just posted my very first blog review for Doctor Strange! Hopefully people read it and enjoyed! The film is great and visually stunning, but if you need to know more then go read the review. Im about to post a review for the new film arrival which i thought… Well you’ll have to read it and find out.


More of a bizarreΒ post this one, but i just wanted to ramble. Anyway I’m off i have essays to write.

Till next time.


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