Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them – Spoiler Free Review!

Hey guys! Heres my review for Fantastic Beasts! Slight spoilers follow so read at your own risk!

Five years since the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 JK Rowling has gifted us with another insight into her fantastic wizarding world with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The first in a new series of five films all taking place within the same universe as Harry Potter.

With a cast such as Eddie Redmayne, Kathrine Waterson, Colin Farrell, Dan Fogler, Ezra Miller and Fine Frenzy, JK Rowling takes us to 1926, around 70 years before Harry Potter is born. The struggle between the wizarding world and the human world is at its peak. Eddie Redmayne starts as Newt Scamander, a writer and zoologist wizard who arrives in New York to complete his workings on magical creatures.

Hardcore potter fans – like myself especially – will immediately feel an array of emotions just from the title screen. Like the potter films the Warner Brothers logo appears with a familiar sound people instantly recognize. The Harry Potter theme, yet this is only brief and then quickly spins out into its own film that’s full of excitement and wonder and gives the audience an insight into what this new series is going to be. Similar yet its own entity from the potter films.

The audience are then immediately put into the eyes of Newt. He has just arrived in New York, his hunt for magical creatures comes at an disturbing time for the wizarding world. Not only magical creatures and keeping them going through multiple law changes hereby jeopardizing Newts work. However, the threat of Gellert Grindelwald is immanent. The dark wizard is ready to start a wizarding war. Now considering this is a spoiler free review, I’m going to try and stay as vague as possible. Its difficult to speak in details about certain subjects with this film without spoiling it. For now, I’m going to stick to Newt’s story.

When Newt meets the No-Maj (American term for muggle) Jacob Kowalski an incident occurs and some of his creatures get loose. With the help of Tina Goldstein (An ex-auror trying to get her job back) and her sister Queenie. They have to work together in order to get Newts creatures. However, the American ministry think of Newt as a fugitive and send out Percival Graves (Colin Farrell) to stop them. Now I may say this a lot in my reviews but I just want to say the cast are superb in this film. Eddie Redmayne in my opinion captures Newt perfectly, He absolutely smashes it. As does Kathrine Waterson (Tina) and Fine Frenzy (Queenie). However, the cast member that got the most laughs in this film is Dan Fogler who plays Jacob the No-Maj (Muggle). He’s incredibly funny in this film. Capturing how a No-Maj would react to the wizarding world perfectly.

Now for those Harry Potter fans worried it may not live up to the potter films, don’t fret. I was worried just the same and although it is a separate entity there are a few subtle references and some not so subtle (I wont mention them here! Spoilers!) that help tie both film series together. Its also fantastic to see how magic is approached in a different time period and country. Some recognizable spells are also used which is a nice addition aswell as apperation.

The technical aspects of this film are also fantastic. James Newton Howard composed the soundtrack and its amazing. Capturing the essence of potter whilst also breathing new life into it for this new series. Producer David Heyman and Director David Yates also return for this installment and like in the potter films excel themselves. Also just the overall look of the film for me is stunning. To be taken back to the wizarding world but in 1926 and too see this on screen is amazing.

Now its no massive spoiler to say that Johnny Depp has been cast as Grindelwald in future installments. Now ill stay tight-lipped about Grindlewald and if he makes an appearance in this film, however his presence can be felt at the beginning mainly through exposition. This is a nice touch, clearly to set up for future films.

Now I can’t really go on to say what I liked least about this film, mainly because I cant think of anything. Another reason is because my one thing will give too much details and spoilers away for a spoiler free review. If you want to know so badly you’ll have to either see the film or ask me! But there’s only one or two slight faults.

Overall Fantastic Beasts is a brilliant new installment to JK Rowling’s wizarding world franchise. With great visuals, amazing acting and great laughs throughout (Seriously this film is very funny!). Its an incredibly fun film that sets up the future of this prequel series very well. One I’m very excited to see. Overall as a Harry Potter diehard fan, it feels amazing to be back and part of the wizarding world once again.

Overall Rating: 9/10 – Biased I know but hey its my opinion!

Well there’s my review for Fantastic Beasts! Hope you liked it! If you’ve seen the film let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading!


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