Top 7 Harry Potter Scenes!

Harry Potter is one of the best film series’ in history. It appealed to fans all around the world. JK Rowling created a place where she allowed us to escape into a world full of magic and amazement. Now its safe to say I’m a massive potter fan, seriously if you know me you know how big a potter fan I am!

Now my friend (Check out his blog; link at the end!) recently did a post about his top 5 potter scenes. Now I thought I would have a go myself. Believe me this decision has been super tough. Like how I managed to make this decision I don’t know, it was so difficult im doing top 7! Now these are in no particular order, Just a handful of scenes that I feel deserve some recognition.

Well here goes! I hope you agree!

Lupin and Harry’s exchange – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Now the Prisoner of Azkaban is by far one of the best films ever made (But that’s another story for another review) and one of my favorite moments is an exchange between Harry and Professor Lupin on the bridge in Hogwarts.

What I love about this scene is how simplistic it is. Its just a teacher and his student having a conversation. Yet when the conversation they are having is so heartfelt and sincere it really draws you in every time. It is at a point where Harry feels the most isolated, his friends are off at hogsmeade, he has multiple threats to his life and feels like there is nowhere to turn. Yet through a conversation with Lupin he learns about how Lupin knew his parents. Both actors here kill it in this scene. The scene bridges a connection between the two characters and we see how Harry has a friend in his time of need and knows he’s not alone.

This is truly one of the most heartfelt scenes in the entire franchise. Have a little watch below:

Sirius Black Dies – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Now this scene is a gut punch of a scene. It’s a scene full of heartbreak and despair and gives me goosebumps every time I watch it. It’s the scene where Sirius Black dies and its aftermath.

What I love about this scene is just how heartbreaking it is, Sirius and the order have come to help Harry and Co against the death eaters. Sirius and Harry are both in a duel when Sirius is hit with the killing curse by his cousin Bellatrix. From here the emotion kicks in. Harry has just lost the only family he has fought to protect and it it tear-jerking. Being held by Remus as Harry screams in despair. Now the scene is silent with the occasional sound of Harry, but only faintly. It is pure genius work by all involved. Also quick fact for you, the screams by Daniel Radcliffe were so agonizing they removed the sound because it sounded too genuine. Bet you didn’t know that!
Take a look at this amazing scene below:

Harry’s Inner Battle – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Another great scene now from Order of the Phoenix. This scene takes place just after the amazing Dumbledore Vs Voldemort battle (Another scene for another time…) and it is when Voldemort decides to take over Harry’s mind.

In this scene Voldemort decides to invade Harry’s mind and leave him defenceless. Harry doesn’t stand a chance. He’s spent the entire movie battling his demons, struggling with the fact he could possibly be very much like Voldemort. Facing the possibility of Harry’s death, Dumbledore speaks to him and tells him “Harry it’s not how you are alike, it’s how you are not…”. This line in particular is very moving, watching as Harry succumbs to his demons, yet after seeing his friends Harry realizes that he indeed has many people who care about him, he fights back and tells Voldemort how he feels sorry for him. This scene draws me in emotionally and with the amazing soundtrack overhead you just feel so sorry to see our protagonist so helpless especially when he looks in the mirror and see’s Voldemort in return. It’s a scene I feel needs more recognition in the Potterverse.

Heres the scene:

The Death of Dumbledore – Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Now this is a biggie. The climax of the Half Blood Prince. The death of Albus Dumbledore. Now this scene is just tense, compelling, sad and just so powerful.

Draco has been tasked with killing Dumbledore by Lord Voldemort. Having assembled and fixed a vanishing cabinet, Draco is able to bring Bellatrix to come and help him. Yet when it comes round to killing Dumbledore he cannot bring himself to do it. Tom Felton is great in this part. With the death eaters screaming at him to carry out this dead Draco is battling with his the decision. Yet this is when the most shocking part of this scene appears. Snape played by the late and great Alan Rickman appears. With a simple plead from Dumbledore “Severus… Severus please…”. Snape uses the Killing curse and muders him.

It is a moment that is truly shocking for all fans, even if you had read the books like myself and had seen this coming watching the scene always tugs at the heartstrings, It leaves you shocked angry and also confused as to why he would do this to his friend. It – for me – is one of the most shocking moments in the entire franchise and is just incredible. The acting from everyone in this scene is also amazing and the music as always is incredible.

Here’s the scene:

Snape’s Memories – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

This next scene is just pure brilliance, from the book to screen it contains answers to the questions we need answering the most whilst also showing us heartbreak and giving us a whole new outlook on a character that is Snape. The scene I’m speaking about is – of course – Snape’s Memories.

Now this scene is more of a collection of scenes but it is still one of the best in the entire franchise. It is here we learn a hell of a lot about Snape and his previous connections with lily potter. We learn about how they were childhood friends and Snape has always felt a love towards her. We watch as Snape discovers the potters bodies and collapses in grief as he holds Lily in his arms. Watching this not just as a potterfan but as a film fan is breathtaking. Alan Rickman should have won an award for this scene alone because he is just amazing here.

We then learn the most important information of them all, we are informed by Dumbledore telling Snape that Harry is indeed a horcrux. Accompanied by the suite of music “Severus and Lily”, we see the shock of how Snape realizes Dumbledore has always known Harry must die in order for the horcrux to be destroyed. We also learn about how Dumbledore set up for Snape to kill him so he can earn Voldemort’s trust. The entire sequence we learn about so many different things that change the way we view characters and events in the franchise. It is a standout moment not just in this film but in all of the films. I love it.

Watch the scene in both videos below – Don’t ask I had to put them in two videos.

Neville’s Speech – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Nearly at the end of some of my favorite scenes now! Two more to go! This one is all about Neville’s Speech to Lord Voldemort in the deathly hallows part 2.

In this scene Voldemort along with his death eaters are walking into Hogwarts grounds carrying Harry’s dead body. Hermione, Ron, Ginny, George, Neville, Luna and Co are all at a loss. They have no where else to turn and have accepted defeat. Voldemort comes in bragging about his victory (With one hell of a laugh). This is when Neville comes up and stands up for everything he believes in. This scene is such a joy to watch. To see a character that in the first film was somewhat of a comedic effect, to now turn into the hero of the scene and see him speak of hope and love and remind everyone they still have something worth fighting for is just great. Accompanied with great acting, writing and a great piece of music and ending with Harry revealing himself to be alive and giving the audience a feeling of hope thinking the protagonist could still win is spectacular.

Watch this scene below:

Harry and Voldemort’s final battle – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Nearly there folks! Last one and for me and it’s a goodie! Its what all eight films climax in, it’s Harry and Voldemort’s final battle.

Having revealed himself to be alive and armed with his wand, Harry takes the battle to Voldemort. This scene is what all fans have been waiting for, after years of seeing these characters go through so much we are finally presented with the thrilling climax. The scene is in two parts, you have Harry’s battle with Voldemort paired with Hermione and Ron’s struggle to kill the final horcrux. With Harry and Voldemort in the main battle torn grounds of Hogwarts everyone in the audience are on the edge of their seats.

Now I may have seen this loads of times but even now I still feel tense every time I watch this scene. With Alexandre Desplat’s thrilling soundtrack accompanying the scene it helps to heighten the tension. It all climax’s when Neville is the hero once again, using Godric Gryffindor’s sword to kill the last horcrux. All of our attention then turns to Harry and Voldemort. Watching their final duel on screen. This is just thrilling to watch. The sequence ends with Harry winning and watching as Voldemort turns to ash. A conclusion I feel fitting to such an amazing film series. To see our trio of characters that we have learnt to love finally defeat their foe and come out on top is fantastic. It’s such an exciting scene filled with tension and has a fitting conclusion.

Watch this scene below:

Well there you have it, there’s seven scenes i absolutely love from the Harry Potter film series. Choosing these were so difficult you couldn’t imagine! To me – and it may sound silly – but Harry potter is more than a film series. It has been a part of my life since i could remember and I’ve loved every second of it. I hope you enjoyed reading this! Not going to lie I have another Top 7 that I will probably end up doing in a few weeks so watch out for that, along with some more Harry Potter posts.

Gonna be doing more of these! Let me know what you think below, do you agree with my choices?

Don’t forget to check out my friend Harry’s blog on the same subject!

Thanks for reading!


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