Star Wars: Rogue One – A Spoiler Free Review

After my last post about my top Harry Potter scenes (Go back and check if you haven’t yet!) today I was going to do my top 5 films I’m looking forward too in 2017. However, that is going to have to wait!

This is because I won two tickets to the European premiere of Rogue One, a Star Wars story. The first anthology film in the series. Me and Connor (A fellow YouTuber who has done a blog on the same subject, link at the end) went and saw this film two days before it is released worldwide. Now this alone was a crazy and incredible experience. To go to an actual premiere was just amazing. An experience me and Connor will never forget ever!

But onto the film. Now pre warning this review is spoiler free. I’m going to try my absolute best not to give away any details if possible. Rogue One, A Star Wars Story, takes place in-between episodes 3 & 4 in the saga. It stars Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Alan Tudyk and many more. It is about a small group of renegade rebels that have to acquire the death star plans from the empire.

My initial thoughts on this film was just that it was simply incredible. I walked away speechless. This film genuinely made me feel as if I was watching one of the original Star Wars films again, to have this experience really was special. The fact we were at a premiere too only helped heighten the experience especially when the cast came out! For Star Wars fans watching this film you’ll have a lot of fan boy moments.  There is nods to the original and even prequel films which come as greats moments that actually serve the plot. There’s definitely some moments that fans will be grinning in there seats.

Now as soon as the film starts we are given exposition and backstory into Jyn Erso’s character along with the rest of the main cast. Now this is all done in an interesting way and all links to one another its not just done for the sake of it. Each characters introduction helps to lead into the next which overall makes a good introduction to the overall story. From here we then dive headfirst into the main plot of the film.

Its hard to speak about the story even in mild detail purely because its hard to speak about it without spoiling it. I will say that for me the entire story is engaging and fun throughout. There is no part on first watch where I get bored or want it to hurry. There are some standout scenes in the film, in particular look out for a scene towards the end (You will know what I mean). In terms of story this film is written and executed well also. It takes you through a range of different emotions from start to finish. I just want to say the cast and crew especially director Gareth Edwards has done an incredible job. He has taken Star wars to a new great. Especially visually. Now visually this is one of – if not the best – looking star wars film. It is stunning, if you thought the force awakens was good wait until you see this. Can I also just say as well that the battle sequences in this film are spectacular. What this film is, it’s a war movie and its executed great. Well done to all cast and crew.

Now onto the cast of this film. I feel that all the cast performed well in this film, in particular Felicity Jones (Jyn Erso) and also Alan Tudyk  (K2SO). These two are particular standouts for me for two different reasons. K2SO has amazing comedic timing in this film, his one liners have the audiences in stiches. As for Felicity Jones character I felt that I was brought on an emotional journey with her and I fully connected with her character. Now that’s not to say the rest of the cast don’t  excel in this film as they do. Each cast member kills it.

Before I wrap up this review I want to touch upon the empire. Now its no secret that Darth Vader is in this movie. Now I wont say to what extent but it is definatley satisfying to say the least. What I loved about him and the empire in this film is for the first time in a while I felt threatened and intimidated by the empire. A feeling I hadn’t had before. I felt that they could do a lot of damage and none of these characters were safe which was great as an audience member as it helped grab my interest.

Overall Rogue one is a fresh new take on this universe that a lot of us hold dearly. To be able to see a new story anthology that takes us on an emotional and captivated journey was great and I feel that the cast and crew have done an exception job with this film. It has certainly given me more hope for the future anthology movies. Especially since i wasnt sure if we needed them in the first place. I was wrong.  A great job from all involved and I would recommend everyone to see this film. Seriously its amazing. However I would say one thing. Try to go in without any spoilers. That way everything and anything will be a surprise.

For my rating I’m going to go all out and give this a 10/10. Now don’t forget this was just on first viewing and may change but at the moment I love this film. To be completely honest I’m still getting over the fact I went to the European premiere of a Star Wars movie! Like what?! It has been such an amazing experience and I’m very fortunate to have won tickets and been able to go. Now my rating could change on second viewing but for now im sticking with this!

I Hoped you enjoyed this review! Rogue One is released in the UK on December 15th  and the US on December 16th. Don’t forget to check out Connor’s review of the film, (

Like and comment your opinions. What are you expecting from rogue one? What would you like to see happen??

Thanks for reading guys!

Harry! 🙂

Next Post – Top 5 films I’m looking forward too in 2017!



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