Sherlock – The Six Thatchers Review!

Hey guys! Here it is, my review for Sherlock Series 4 Episode 1! The Six Thatcher’s. Now im going to try really hard not to spoil it but that’s not a promise. My advice is read this after you’ve seen the episode.

I will be doing a Spoiler Heavy review in a couple of days time so look out for that!

So we’ve waited a while, even though we had the one off special earlier on this year its been an awfully long time since that series 3 cliffhanger of moriarty returning, and its fair to say it didn’t disappoint!

Now I want to start off by saying I did really enjoy this episode, it wasn’t Sherlock’s strongest episode that they have done however it was still good. There was certainly some moments that stood out to me, especially from around the final act. Now the biggest question we all had going into this episode was, Is Morairty alive or dead? Now its safe to say this wasn’t completely answered in this episode, more teased which is to be expected. Instead the episode shifted onto how Sherlock was dealing with all of this. Which in usual Sherlock fashion and to quote Watson “He’s an Asshole”. But still we wouldn’t want him any other way would we?

Now cause I’m going to try not go into many spoilers for this episode I’m not going to speak about the story in too much detail, however I felt the story worked well. There were some parts that felt a little rushed and out of place, yet overall I felt the story worked rather well. If there was to be one improvement for me is I wanted to see more of Sherlock and John doing what they do best which is investigating, there was a little lack of that for me. Yet overall the bigger more emotional parts of the episode really did make up for that. Its safe to say I ever at any point lost interest in the episode, I was hooked throughout.

Now onto the characters, there was a lot of character development in this episode, some quite surprising as well we learn more about our protagonists including some things I myself found quite shocking at points. What I like about this show is that the character development is (For me) always on top form and they develop it well in each series. Based on this first episode too there is a lot more to develop now. Its safe to say as well the acting in this episode is great. Yet shout out especially too Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Every time they portray these characters on screen they truly do capture the roles perfectly, this episode is no exception they are amazing in this episode. Especially in the final act. I wont lie they both had me with a little tear in my eye. No wonder there two of Hollywood’s biggest stars right now.

Now it goes without saying there are twists and turns in this episode, ones especially in act 3 I didn’t see coming. Now I cant go into too much detail as to what but if you’ve watched the episode you will know what I’m talking about. All I will say is that even though it is unexpected I feel like it is good for the plot and character development of our two protagonists. I wont go into more detail until my spoiler review. God it’s hard to speak about without spoilers!
Every series Sherlock grabs my interest from the start and doesn’t let go. It leaves me asking questions throughout and after and that’s something I adore about this show. For me whilst there are episodes that are stronger and some that are weaker there hasn’t been an episode I think is overall bad and that I’ve hated. This episode follows that format. Don’t get me wrong there are flaws in this episode, mainly with the main plot feeling too rushed in the second act yet overall I feel that this episode was done well and overall I did enjoy it a lot.

For me I’m going to give this episode an 8/10 based on first watch. Now this could change on my spoiler review based on my second watch but im going to stick with this for now. It was an emotional thrill of an episode that had me hooked throughout. Yet I do want the show to go back to its roots a little more at points.

Can I just say as well next week’s episode looks so good! Toby Jones villain looks terrifying I’m not going to lie. Also there was an Easter egg to him in this episode today, did you see it? Let me know by commenting below.

What did you think of The Six Thatcher’s?! What are your hopes for the rest of series 4?

Look out for my Spoiler review later this week! Also a possible video review with Connor on TBD Entertainment on YouTube! More details on that later!

Thanks for reading guys!


Next time: My spoiler filled review for this episode!

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