Sherlock – The Lying Dectective Review!

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting the spoiler review for last weeks’ episode! Haven’t had the chance yet but its coming! First though.


There will be spoilers included, I was going to try my best not too go too major however I spent an hour on this and found it too difficult. Towards the end spoilers will be given so read at your own risk. My advice is if you haven’t seen the episode watch that first. Last weeks episode including the shocks at the end WILL also be spoiled.

What an episode. Wow. After that episode I think we all need shock blankets. This was an incredible episode, the script was incredible, the cast were outstanding and the overall shock factor was at an all time high. We haven’t had an episode like this since series 2. Moffat really outdid himself in my opinion.

Let’s start from the beginning. The episode revolves around villain Culverton Smith – Played by Toby Jones – and with Sherlock and Johns relationship in tatters after last weeks episodes shock twist, it looks like Sherlock is on his own in convincing those around him that Culverton is a serial killer.

Now for those that was disappointed in last week’s episode have no reason to fret here, this episode truly is incredible, I was completely hooked throughout. In my opinion it was one of the strongest episodes in a very long while and a majority of that was down to Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. In my opinion they give their strongest performances in the whole show in this episode. There’s one scene in the final five minutes too where they are both astonishing, no word of a lie they did have me in tears a little bit, and that doesn’t happen very often.

This is where spoilers for last week’s episode plus this weeks will appear.

Look away if you don’t want to see!


Still here? Good

Cumberbatch’s Sherlock is going mad when we first see him in this episode, having lost aid from his best friend he is relying on drugs to keep him by. He’s in a state of madness and Cumberbatch really excels in his performance showing us a side of him we haven’t seen before. Whereas Watson is dealing with his stages of grief since the death of his beloved Mary Watson after the events of episode 1. This does take center stage in a lot of the episode as Watson does hallucinate seeing Mary for a majority of the episode. This is great to see and is great work on both Freeman and Amanda Abbington’s part. I felt is was great to see what John was going through in this way, it just made me feel for him even more.

I also want to give kudos to the rest of the cast especially Toby Jones who does incredible work playing Culverton Smith, he portrays this character so cunningly and with so much mystery you’re left wanted more of him when the episode has ended just to see where his character goes from here.

What I liked about this episode too is how unique it felt, the story and the writing all felt fresh, the gags used didn’t feel reused from somewhere else and I genuinely didn’t know where the story was going to turn at any point especially towards the ending. This was thrilling for me as it was great to have the feeling of having no idea where the story could turn too next, I feel Moffat really did write probably his strongest script of Sherlock with this episode, and there is a couple of drawbacks but not many. This is his strongest episode in a long shot.

I need to talk about the final act of the episode. Major Spoilers Ahead.

It all culminated with John and Sherlock uncovering Culverton and exposing him as the serial killer he is, I wont say how he does it as I don’t want to spoil it for you as much as I already am, but the most chilling thing about this how after being caught he doesn’t deny it. He acknowledges it gracefully and almost with glee. He’s cherishing the limelight it will give him and I found that chilling but also great for the story. This leads onto the final five minutes of the episode. We have one scene with Sherlock and John where they have a heart to heart and genuinely it did bring a tear to my eye. Watson tearfully admitting how he failed as a husband and how he wants to be the man she thought him to be really hit home for me. It was a good message to say that even know we are all flawed, we can always strive to be our best.

With Watson tearfully admitting this to Sherlock we see in this scene why these two actors work so well together, they really know how to act well and bounce off one another in scenes and any scene they are in is mesmerizing, I would love to see years no decades more series worth of this show just for them too alone. There Acting is so so good and I really cannot stress that enough.

We then get the big moment of the episode, the final two minutes. Its revealed to us that all of this has been set up not by Moriarty but by Sherlock and Mycroft’s other sibling which is there sister. This was a twist I really did not see coming, through flashback you realize she’s played a big part in both episodes so far and has been hinted at in the last series. After the cliff-hanger ending (Which I wont spoil) I genuinely don’t know where they are going to go from here and that excites me beyond belief. I am really excited to see how this series rounds off. It feels like they are starting to tie a lot of threads together and I hope the payoff is great which I’m sure it will!

I’m still hoping for a series 5 though as well!

As for this episode I’m going to give it an easy 9/10. It really had me throughout and was downright astonishing. I’m not going to give it a 10 just yet until I’ve seen it again. Plus I’m also hoping next weeks episode will top it.

The big questions are:
What happens next?!
How will they round off this series and will there be future installments?! (Really hope so) and
Is the game finally over?!

Well have to wait and see. The series finale ‘The Final Problem’ is broadcast next Sunday!.

Thanks for reading guys! I’m going to try and do a spoiler review for last weeks ep soon but I’ve kind of gone over the details here! Sorry it was a spoiler review again but I’ve hoped you enjoyed it all the same! Next weeks Sherlock review will be up at a later time as I’m seeing it in the cinema!

My blog also has its own domain now! so you can check it out whenever you like!

What did you think about the episode?! Comment and leave your thoughts below!

Now we have a long wait until next weeks episode! I for one cannot wait but if there’s one thing this episode told me is. Its definitely not a game anymore…

Thanks for reading guys!

Until next time!


2 thoughts on “Sherlock – The Lying Dectective Review!

  1. I loved this episode. I’m a big fan of Toby Jones and he seems to really put his all into every character he plays.
    When I’d finished watching this episode I was totally shocked and wanted to tell everybody what I’d just watched. It was immense, entertaining, shocking and not on for long enough. I will be watching it again later.
    As always, an excellent review Harry.

    Liked by 1 person

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