La La Land – Spoiler Free Review!

Hey guys!

I wasn’t going to post until my review for the Sherlock finale on Sunday! However last night I saw La La land and I absolutely have to talk about it! So here is my review. This is spoiler free but read ahead at your own risk.

La La Land is a musical directed by Damien Chazelle and stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Its set in Hollywood and revolves around Mia (Stone), an aspiring actress in Hollywood who meets Sebastian (Gosling) a pianist with an enthusiasm for Jazz. From here a love story develops. Also did I say that it’s a musical!!

Now before I start going in depth with this review I just want to say I absolutely loved it. This film is a true masterpiece. It’s a modern day love story mixed with classic Hollywood cinema. It was one of my most anticipated films and its safe to say I wasn’t disappointed.

I’m not going to go too deep into the story as I don’t want to spoil it for you, I want everyone to see this film and I cannot stress that enough. As you can expect as it’s a musical it is also a love story between Mia and Sebastian yet it is handled so well and with great delicacy. The songs fit so well with the story too. Yet I’m not going to say anything else about the story and Instead I’m going to start by speaking about the cast.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are fantastic in this film, their chemistry together has already been made clear through the previous films they have done together (Gangster Squad and Crazy Stupid Love) and they use their chemistry to their advantage in this movie. They really connect with you emotionally. You root for these characters throughout. They both had to learn a lot for this film such as singing, dancing. But as expected they do all of this brilliantly. Gosling also plays the piano in this film, which I want to say he does brilliantly. He learnt it all for this film too which I feel is great!

Now I have to talk about the music for this movie. Both the score and the musical soundtrack are fantastic. Composed by Justin Hurwitz who creates fantastic and emotional lyrics that also are relatable for audiences. Not to mention great vocals from Gosling and Stone, the music truly does shine in this film. Two songs in particular really stand out to me. ‘City of Stars’ and ‘The fools who dream’. If you don’t get a chance to watch this movie or listen to the entire soundtrack you at least must listen to these pieces of music, they are astounding. As for the score of the film, again its fantastic. There are some pieces of music such as ‘Mia and Sebastian’s theme’, that are so elegant and precise and so memorable.

Visually as well this film is stunning. Its use of colors and sets really capture you throughout. The cinematography also is done extremely well. There are some one shots throughout this film that are done fantastically by cinematographer Linus Sandgren. Especially in the opening number which takes plays all on an overpass and for is pretty much all one shot. As a filmmaker this aspect just glued me to the film even more.

When watching this film, you can see the that everyone involved from the cast to the crew had such passion and fun making this film. You can see that director Damien Chazelle has a strong passion for the musicals and the classic era of Hollywood and this film is definitely a testimony to that. What I love about this film is that once I watched it, it made me proud to be – at least minimally – involved in film. If I ever got to be involved with a film like this, it would be incredible and quite simply a dream come true.

The film also has a strong message too. For me this message was to never give up. You see these characters have so many hurdles to come across in order to reach their goals and dreams yet they never gave up and when watching it its so uplifting to see. This film lifts your spirits and makes you leave the cinema determined to give things your all. It really is an uplifting film.

So as you can see I enjoyed this film quite a lot! It really is a special film in my opinion and I really hope it does well. I recommend this film to pretty much everyone. You wont regret seeing this film trust me. My rating for La La Land is 10/10. Easily.

That’s it for this review! Hope you enjoyed it! My next post will be a review for Sherlock’s final episode of the series on Sunday! I shall also be posting a slightly different post next week too so look out for that!

La La Land is in cinemas everywhere now, go see it!

Thanks for reading guys!

See you soon!


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