Sherlock – The Final Problem Review

Hey guys!

Well what an episode… what a finale… I’m going to try my very best to review it now! Now this is going to be a spoiler filled review, only read if you have seen series 4 episode 3. You have been warned.

Well that was amazing. Truly Spectacular. I went and saw this episode in cinema and I’m so glad I did. I Don’t even know where to begin. But Ill try and start with the story.

The episode picks up from last Weeks cliffhanger. It wastes no time into jumping into the action with Sherlock finding out about that he indeed has a younger sister named Euros. The episode starts with an interesting and funny sequence of Mycroft having his home invaded by who he thinks is euros yet is actually Sherlock. This was fun to see for me as for a moment I genuinely thought Mycroft was a goner (Not the only time I thought this though!). We then move into Baker street. This is when Mycroft shifts from being the brother to the client and we learn a lot more about Euros including the fact that Sherlock has rewritten his memory of her. This then moves onto a scene where basically Baker Street is blown up. Yep you read right. It gets bombed. This scene is so good to watch, how it starts from them going through the variables of escaping and making sure Mrs Hudson will be safe, to them jumping out of the window away from the explosion. Even if the explosion itself looked questionable.

From here the rest of the episode majorly takes place in Sherringford. It’s a place we have heard hints off for a while and we see it is an island and is one of the securest prisons in the world. In the first ten minutes of scenes here we see Sherlock, Mycroft and John infiltrate the island so Sherlock can finally speak to his sister. This scene is great to see, seeing these two characters meet on screen for the first time is very exciting especially to see how they interact. Yet when John learns that the island is being controlled by Euros with help from another we see the return of a much loved character. James Moriarty. Yet he’s not back from the dead, instead it’s a flashback where he goes to speak to Euros for five minutes unsupervised with Mycroft’s permission as a form of treat for his sister. Its great to see Andrew Scott back even if for a brief scene. He always excels as Moriarty and this is no exception.

We then move back to the present day and Sherlock and Co are trapped with four separate tasks to complete. First off John or Mycroft have to kill an innocent man in order to save his wife, which they fail at. Then we get a scene where Sherlock has four pictures of 3 suspects and one murder victim and he has to solve it. Both these scenes are great to see as its Sherlock doing what he does best but under extreme circumstances. As all of this is occurring Sherlock has to try and save a little girl from landing a crashing plane whilst everyone else is asleep. We get glimpses to this girl throughout the episode that coincides with the tasks Sherlock has to complete. We then get more of an emotional scene. Sherlock has to convince Molly to say the words “I love you”. This is a heartbreaking yet tense scene. As we know if Molly does not say these words she will die. Yet we see this character of molly that we have grown to love break as she admits the truth of her love for Sherlock and in someway we see there’s truth in Sherlock saying it back and it is heartbreaking to see. Especially when Sherlock breaks down after. Exceptional acting from Ben and Louise in this scene.

From this and before I go back to the story I want to talk about the cast quick. Now in my other reviews I’ve spoken about how great they are. This episode truly beats all of them for me. Every cast member excels more than ever before in this episode, Especially Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. They were truly born for these roles and they are phenomenal. Every single episode they put there all into it and draw us into these characters and they deserve every recognition possible. There are some scenes in this episode that have your hearts breaking or you tensing and that’s thanks to them and there superb acting skills. Every cast member should be proud. Also Louise Brealey too shines in her role as molly in her stand out scene in this episode. She needs far more recognition than she gets too. Truly Wonderful.

Also the rest of the episode in terms of the soundtrack to the writing to the camerawork and cinematography to the editing was all superb. All the crew and cast should truly be proud as they really have made something special, not just in this episode but in the entirety of the show.

We go into the third act with a choice of Sherlock killing either John or Mycroft. When this results in neither and Sherlock going to take his own life both John and Sherlock are taken to Sherlock’s childhood home. Sherlock then has one task. Save John Watson. This scene especially had me at the edge of my seat. I genuinely didn’t think Sherlock would save him. Sherlock also has to solve the case of how and where Euros killed and dumped the body of his dog Redbeard as this is where John is being held. Yet we find out that actually this is not his dog and in fact Sherlock’s best childhood friend and brother that Euros killed. This was a massive twist in this episode and for the series overall. We haven’t been given indication this was going to happen so when it does it comes at a huge shock and price.

Throughout all of this Sherlock is battling with trying to save the little girl on the plane too. However, we learn after all this that the little girl is in fact Euros. This again comes as another huge revelation as were made to reevaluate the entire episode. It leaves you answering questions whilst having a hell of a lot more. Yet he finally connects with his sister and saves John. Whilst some people find this as an anti climax, I see it more as Sherlock finally learning to sometimes lead with his heart and seeing him connect with his sister who is so lost and alone is heartwarming. Even if you have a hatred for Euros and all she has done.

Now for me this episode felt very final not just for the show but for the series. It tied together so many loose ends and answered many questions in a way that it feels like a fitting end for the show. Whilst I want them to desperately make a series 5, with actors like Cumberbatch and Freeman who are two of the worlds most in demand stars right now its just very difficult to get them together. If this is the end then the final two-minute montage of them rebuilding baker street, solving cases together as Holmes and Watson feel like a truly fitting end for this incredible show. I truly hope they make more though. I feel that there’s some stories left too tell and I hope the tell them. Time will tell though!

Overall im giving this episode a 10/10. It was incredible, from the acting to the writing to the special effects to the way they tied loose ends together. This show has been a part of my and many of your lives for many years and I feel this episode tied it off in a way by giving it closure and justice yet leaving room for more. I hope they do more yet if this is the end then what a way to go out. Amazing.

That’s it from me! Sorry if this felt bias to you, also sorry I spoke largely on the story and not a lot else! I’m still new to all this but will improve! Next week I’m going to be posting a Doctor Who related post during the week then a new review towards the end! Look out for them!

What did you think of the episode? DO you think there should be more or was it a fitting end? Let me know below!

Thanks guys!


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