Well as you can tell by the title of the post I am a little bit emotional.

I was enjoying my Monday night, watching TV when both amazing yet gutting news hit.

Now I’m going to start with the good news! Doctor Who RETURNS ON THE 15TH APRIL 2017!! Yes you read right the greatest show on earth returns 15th April!! Its safe to say I’m pretty damn excited!

Now for the gutting news. Peter Capaldi will leave the role of ‘The Doctor’ in the 2017 Christmas special.

Now when I heard this news there was one word to describe how I felt. Shock. Pure and utter shock. Whenever the actor announces they are leaving the role of The Doctor its always gutting for the fan. Don’t get me wrong its also exciting to see where the show will head too next, but its still devastating to think we are going to lose an actor, especially when its an actor like Peter Capaldi.

Now when he was first announced I was still deeply upset about Matt Smith leaving and if I’m being completely honest I was unsure of the casting when it was first announced. I had no reason to be though, because he has truly been a great doctor. Now some people will argue that he is not there favorite or that he hasn’t had the best stories and you know what, that’s fine, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. If I’m honest I’m a much bigger fan of him in series 9 as I think that’s when he truly came into his own as the doctor but again that’s just my opinion.

What I love about Capaldi playing the doctor is how much he cares for the roles and his fans. He really is such a great guy and he really cares about this role he is playing. He has been a fan since he was little and this has been one of his dream jobs for a very long time. I dread to think what the decision must have been like to decide to leave the role. He cares about the role so much and make sure every fan has walked away with a smile on their face. I had the pleasure of meeting Capaldi at a signing early last year in London and he was awesome. I was shaking with nerves but had no reason to be, he made sure he spent a good amount of time with every fan there (There was loads) took pictures with everyone and when speaking to me, he gave me advice on acting and film production which ill never forget. He truly is a gent. Not to forget that Capaldi is an amazing actor and has shown that countless times in his time as The Doctor, one of my favorite performances from his was the entire episode of heaven sent. He was incredible in that episode. Truly incredible.

Now We still have all of series ten until Capaldi’s last episode at Christmas and I truly hope it’s a great series because he deserves it. The 12th Doctor started off with being a Doctor a bit out of touch with humanity in series 8 to now being caring and kind and encompassing everything we love about this main character whilst still bringing his own take to the fold. I truly will miss him but I am very excited to see where series 11 will take us with a new writer and Doctor at the helm.  But before that like I said we have all of series 10 and a Christmas special to enjoy!

That’s it from me, I am going to go more into why I love The 12th Doctor, but this is going to be in a separate series of posts I am going to do about each Doctor from 9-12 in turn, which’ll start in the next couple of weeks. So look out for that!

How did you take the news? Are you sad to see Capaldi leaving? Do you have any hopes for his final series??

Doctor Who returns on Saturday 15th April 2017 on BBC One and BBC America and I for one cannot bloody wait.

As we wait for that though all I will say is I will miss Capaldi’s Doctor a lot. Here he is in one of my standout scenes for his Doctor. Enjoy!

Harry! 🙂


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