Top 9th Doctor Moments!

Hey guys!

Long Time no blog! For todays blog I’ve decided to try something new out, I’ve decided to start a new doctor who series of posts! Its starting with todays post about my favorite ninth doctor moments. This series will go Doctor by Doctor then beyond that onto episodes and so on. At the moment I have about 15 planned! Don’t worry though I shall also be doing my usual film reviews too!

Now for those that know me well they know Doctor who has played a very important part of my life. As silly as it sounds its kind of helped shaped the man I am today, it means a great deal to me. I have a post in development about how much doctor who means to me so look out for that soon! For this series of blogs, I thought where better to start with the ninth doctor!

The Ninth Doctor – played by Christopher Eccleston – was my first doctor and is the doctor that introduced me to the show. Today I am going to count down my top 5 moments of the ninth doctor from series 1. How I have managed to whittle it down to 5 I don’t know because his whole series is fantastic! However, I have somehow managed to do it! Here we go!

5 – Everybody Lives – Series 1 Episode 10

Now the first series of New Who is considered to be quite dark tonally, there was many casualties in episodes. However, one of the happier endings to an incredible two parter saw the doctor figure out how to use nanogenes to heal the wounded including the empty child and manages to save everyone from dying and stop the bomb!

This whole scene really is great, the music, the acting, the story. Everything comes together for an ending that’s fulfilling and happy. To see the doctor who has seen so much pain and misery recently be granted with saving a little boy and those around him is fantastic to see. Christopher Eccleston is so good in this scene. Also Murray gold’s music is really emotional and captivating throughout which heightens the emotions of the scene. But you don’t need me to tell you, check it out yourself below!

4 – The Last Dalek in the universe – Series 1 Episode 6

Now Dalek is an episode that will be remembered not only for reintroducing an incredible enemy to the new who series but also for creating a standout episode full of heart and scares throughout. In this scene the doctor thinks he is going to help an alien in desperate need only to discover it is the last (at the moment) survivor of his greatest enemy. The Daleks.

We see The Doctor unlike how we’ve seen him before in this episode, we see him enraged. Coming face to face with his enemy shocks the doctor to the core and Eccleston portrays this emotion with such ease so that we feel all of the emotions he is going through. We feel sympathetic towards the doctor yet also shocked by some of the actions he chooses to take such as electrocuting the Dalek in its chains. This truly is a remarkable scene that is not only a standout for this doctor but a standout for the show overall in my opinion. Have a look below!

3 – No Weapons, No Defenses, No Plan – Series 1 Episode 12

Now this scene doesn’t need an introduction, the cliffhanger to the penultimate episode saw The Doctor once again face to face with the Daleks. Yet this time he realized that they had his best friend Rose Tyler. With no weapons, defenses or a plan the doctor told Rose that he was coming to get her, and by god is it amazing.

Eccleston once again shines in this scene as well as Billie Piper and john barrowman. Alongside Murray Gold’s soundtrack this scene sets up the audience for the thrilling finale we had to wait a whole week for. There were already impressions that Eccleston would be leaving yet judging by this scene we knew he was going to go out with a bang! Check it below!!

2 – Regeneration – Series 1 Episode 13
Now this scene again needs no introduction, not only is it a truly emotional scene overall but it was my first regeneration scene (As I’m sure of many) that I saw in doctor who! After The Doctor absorbed the Time Vortex out of Rose to save her life it was killing him. His only choice was to regenerate to save his life and so the ninth incarnation of the doctor became the tenth.

This whole episode was a fantastic finale and swansong for The Ninth Doctor. As usual Eccleston excels in this scene yet also the whole series, his take on the doctor was one that many would remember for years to come. This scene is a fitting end to his doctor, ending on a story and a laugh whilst telling rose how fantastic she was, yet not forgetting how fantastic he is too. Its an emotional scene fueled again by Murray Gold’s epic score.
Check it out below!

1 – Turn of the earth – Series 1 Episode 1

Now this scene for me is incredible and my standout ninth doctor moment. This is the scene that not only sold me on Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor yet it also sold me on Doctor Who. I think it is absolutely superb. I remember sitting with my Dad not knowing if I would like it or not yet after watching this scene I was sold.
From Russell T Davis’ epic writing too Murray Gold’s amazing score to the Great acting from Eccleston and Piper everything about this scene just feels right. I find it hard to put into words how much I love this scene, it means a lot to me. It’s the first time we see The Doctor talk about his experiences of the universe that he travels through. I remember it intriguing and amazing me. But enough of me rambling on, watch it below!

(Sorry about quality, it’s the best one I can get)

Well there you have it, I’ve somehow managed to take 5 standout moments from many. Christopher Eccleston was my first doctor and god what a doctor he was, He truly excelled in all of the episodes he starred in and I love re-watching his stories! I’m sorry this is so short and if I rambled a bit, I will get better as I go on!. I’ve been quite busy but I will be doing more Doctor Who related posts! I shall revisit the ninth doctor and his adventures soon so watch out for that! However next on my list is my top 10 Tenth Doctor Moments!

What did you think of my choices?? Did you agree or not?! What are your top moments of The Ninth Doctor?!

My next posts will be: John Wick Chapter 2 Review (Out Monday) Doctor Who: Top 10th Doctor moments Part 1 (Out Friday, Hopefully!)

Thanks for reading guys!


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