A new outlook on life – Max’s Story.

Hey guys!

Now this should be where I post my review on John Wick 2! Don’t worry it is on its way, however I have more of a personal story to talk about first, its something I need to get off my chest in a weird way.

Now for those that know me personally, you know that I have a very good relationship with my brother, he’s pretty awesome I wont lie, more than anything he’s my best friend, and a few weeks ago not to be dramatic but he nearly died.

Now I say nearly as the NHS, no matter what faults they may have, saved his life. Now ill start at the beginning, A few weeks back the plan was for my brother – Max – to have his tonsils out. A seemingly routine operation by any standard, now max suffers with autism so the whole process to have this operation was more difficult that one may imagine, however on the day he was ready and happy and even making jokes, all was going well!

The operation was going to go ahead, Max was doing well, prepared for his operation, us around him to keep him calm. Everything was going fine. The operation then went ahead and he was back in the hospital room before we knew it. The next few hours that day were tough, Max had trouble eating and drinking which he had to do before he could leave. It was stressful but he did brilliantly. This is when myself, Max, My Mum and my Dad get the go ahead to take Max home as they felt confident with his progress. They told us there was a 1% chance of coughing blood. But that wouldn’t happen right?! Everything would be fine.


The next morning, I wake up to missed calls, texts, Facebook messages the works. My aunt rings and tells me what happened. During the night Max has hemorrhaged quite badly and had threw up a lot of his blood and was quite a bad way. Now when I found this out all manner of things flooded to mind. You automatically think the worse, its just what happens. However, my incredible aunt managed to keep me calm and managed the situation so well. So with my head screwed back on I went straight down to hospital from Uni without any delay.

Now what had happened to max is there was a tear on the left side of his throat. This dripped blood into his stomach which reacted and all in all he lost around 3 litres of blood. The kid went through a lot. 4 blood transfusions later he was taken to theatre and operated on. This was a scary thought for us all. Mum, Dad and Kenny each waiting in the waiting area when I arrived and from here it was a scary process. Even once max had left theatre and was in recovery we were still tense, you are in those situations, you don’t know what to think. Especially as an older brother I felt more than anything that I had failed him. I know it wasn’t possible to predict but as an older sibling that’s how you feel, you want to protect and make sure your younger sibling is always away from harm. Its something that when you’re in this kind of situation kind of plays on your mind a lot.

The next few hours were again tense, but he started making a little bit of progress, he woke up in recovery to see me first (Poor fellow he had already been through enough!) and after a couple of hugs he was in a ward and waiting to be transferred to a more specialized hospital near Chelmsford. This was about two weeks ago now. Since then he’s been housebound but has made a lot of progress, slowly but surly he’s making progress and is getting better, he’s eating fine again and is slowly getting to his usual self.

Now before I go any further I just want to say how amazing the people around max and even myself have been, You’ve all been amazing, you all know who you are so thank you. Now not a lot of people knew about what happened, Very few people know, even my closest friends didn’t knew except a couple, so if you’re reading it through this its nothing personal just has been stressful and haven’t got around to telling you yet! You’re still awesome! But I do want to say the family, all of you, have been amazing. Most of all more than anything I want to talk about my mum, dad and Kenny. If you’re reading this you were incredible, absolutely incredible. Cause good god it was tough yet we got through it, and without the three of you max wouldn’t have got through it, even I wouldn’t of so thank you. Love all you guys. Anyway enough of the soppy stuff lets quickly move on.

Now why am I writing all this?! Is there a point?! Well to be completely honest its just something I really needed to get off my chest, that’s what this blog is for, its something that for the past two weeks has played on my mind and I couldn’t see a better way to deal with it. Because I do feel partly responsible, I know that’s silly and stupid but its how I feel, I told my brother everything was going to be fine yet it wasn’t, but that’s something I have to deal with myself and before anything is said I’m genuinely not writing this for sympathy or anything like that, it really is just simply it’s a story that I needed to tell, and for those that are close to us asking questions hopefully this answers them. I also want to quickly touch upon the NHS. Now the NHS has its ups and downs, it certainly did in this case as well, but to be honest from my personal point of view that goes out of the window, without the NHS, its ambulance service, the doctors and nurses that helped, max may not be here today. The NHS is something that is struggling yet should have our full support.

Now to Max. God this kid is incredible isn’t he?! For a 12 year old autistic boy to go through so much and all for some flipping tonsils?! Like bloody hell. He dealt with this so well it makes me so proud to call him family. Id have been crying like a baby with a paper cut let alone all of this. He really is incredible and certainly better than me and that’s the reason why I’m writing this really, like I wrote at the beginning me and my brother have a good relationship, a great one in fact. He is my best friend, and something terrible nearly did happen which doesn’t bear thinking about and more than anything that gives me a new perspective on things.

That’s really what I’m trying to get across, a new perspective, what the past couple of weeks have made me realize that we all have struggles and fights to win, but its those around us that helps us through it. This has made me realize that more than anything there’s no times for arguments or fights with anyone close to you, because anything can happen at any moment and its at those moments when you rely on those people the most, and trust me they will be there. Just appreciate those you have around you even if its someone close you haven’t spoken too in a while they will always be there, they always care. Just remember that. Just appreciate everything you have.

Now that’s it for this post, I’m sorry it has been quite personal and detailed, again it was just something I did need to talk about and get off my chest. I hope it answers any questions to those around us that have any.

Anyway ill be back to posting like normal this week, John Wick 2 and a Doctor Who post coming very soon!

Thanks for reading guys, appreciate it a lot.


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