My hopes for Broadchurch Series 3

Hey guys, first things first I want to say a huge thank you to all the comments and to everyone who read my latest blog post. It really does mean a lot to both me and Max so thank you very very much. There will be more personal blog posts coming from time to time so keep an eye out for that, but once again thank you honestly it means a hell of a lot.

Now for this post I’m not going to do the John Wick 2 review, that is coming though, but instead I have a different post today. As Broadchurch Series 3 starts tonight at 9pm, so because of this I thought I would do my hopes for the third and final series of broadchurch.

Now In my opinion Broadchurch is one of the best shows on TV to date. Albeit series 1 was the stronger series, yet its hard to deny that stylistically and from a film makers point a view (if you have one) this show is very hard to beat. So lets go through my hopes for this new series of this hit TV show.

4 – More incredible cinematography and scenery

Now like I just said above Broadchurch is not just known for its incredible stories but also for its style, cinematography and scenery. The town and setting for this show is partly what makes the show so special, the beautiful setting really does feel like a character in itself and I really hope they show off more off this, cause god its good.

3 – A More Captivating Case

Now its fair to say that series 1 of Broadchurch was much stronger than series 2. For me this was mainly due to the fact that series 1 focused purely on one case and stuck to that, whereas series 2 had multiple plot points that were still effective but not as strong. That’s not to say that series 2 was bad, far from it, but series 1 was stronger in my opinion.

This is what I hope series 3 does, as much as it has a few questions to answer, from previous series and from this new one I’m sure, I want the overall arc to go back to its roots. To focus on one particular case and stick to that, because that’s why we fell in love with this show in the first place in series 1, and I hope for this final series they go back to that, which I have confidence they will. This show treats delicate subjects with such respect and care and I think this again will come across in this new case. Especially one about sexual assault which is the case for this final series.

2 – A satisfying ending for the characters

Now to say I want this show to have a satisfying ending is common sense, so I’m going to limit it more too the characters. One thing this show has truly excelled in (In my opinion) Is through its character development in both series. In series 1 we had the raw emotional turmoil of a town trying to come to terms with what has just happened to them. Then in series 2 it goes one step further and shows how all the characters are dealing with it 6 months on.

Again this is what I’m hoping carries on in this last series. As it takes place a few years after the last it would be good to see how these characters have moved on with their lives. This is also why I really hope they each have a satisfying ending too as they are all characters we have grown to love, and quite frankly after everything they’ve been through, they deserve it.

1 – For this to be the final series

Now this one may be shocking to some people. Now this doesn’t mean I want it too end because I like It, that’s far from it. I want it too end because I like it that much. With a show like broadchurch you want it to go out on a high, and after two successful series (In my opinion) it would be great for them to come back with such an incredible series and then end there whilst there on that high. Otherwise well be ten series down and then we wont be as invested.

This is something I think even creator and writer Chris Chibnall agrees with. I’m sure he would want this show to end on a positive note. Don’t get me wrong this show truly is incredible and it will be sad to see it end, yet id rather be sad to see a fantastic show end rather than a show I used to love that is on its tenth series.

Now those are my hopes for this final series – well some of them anyway. I’m personally really excited for this last series; I’m hoping that its good because like I’ve said multiple times I want this show to go out on a high because it truly is incredible.

Have you got any hopes for the last series?! What did you think of the first two, let me know below!

Broadchurch returns tonight (Feb 27th) at 9pm on ITV 1. My review of episode 1 will be up fairly soon after!

Thanks for reading guys


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