Broadchurch Series 3 Episode 1 Review.

Hey Guys!

This post does contain some spoilers, nothing too major but please read at your own discretion.

Well its back! At 9pm on Monday the nation gathered round there televisions as one of the most loved dramas returned in – what I thought was – a great episode. As each episode of series 3 is aired I’m going to be posting my review and as the weeks go on possibly my thoughts and theories as to who I think is the culprit. Now as its only the first episode im going to keep my theories close to my chest for now until next weeks review!

This series started off with an emotional bang, when a character named Trish (Played by Julie Hesmondhalgh) calls in to report a sexual attack against her. DI Hardy (David Tennant) and DS Miller (Olivia Coleman) take on her case.

What I loved about this episode was how stripped back it was. What I mean by that is instead of having the first episode introducing all the new characters whilst reintroducing us with the old ones and multiple plot points, Chris Chibnall (Writer and Creator) decides to spend the first half of the episode focusing entirely on Trish and the aftermath of her ordeal. The only three characters we mainly see are Trish, Alec Hardy and Ellie Miller at least until the 25-minute mark. This I felt was fantastic, it really allowed for them to take time with the scenes due to its sensitive nature, which again I feel was handled very well and effectively. It is very clear that they have spent a lot of time researching this area to make sure they are as respectful as possible which is fantastic.

For the second half is really where the start of the case really kicks in , We see Miller and Hardy starting to investigate the crime by going and looking thoroughly at the suspected crime scene as well as starting to make enquiries about the party Trish was at when she was attacked and meeting some new characters. Not only does this happen but we get reacquainted with some older characters in subtle ways. For example, we see the Reverend Paul Coates and Maggie Radcliffe (Arthur Darvill and Carolyn Pickles). We are also reintroduced to the Latimar Family. It is here we learn that Beth now works in the sexual assault response operations, The daughter Chloe is now finishing her exams and father Mark has split from Beth and lives alone which is a very interesting development to see and i look forward to seeing more.

Now like I said before for this first episode im not going to go into any theories and for this week im going to reveal no more information than I already have. What I do want to talk about is the cast.

The entire cast from the get go of the show have always been fantastic. David Tennant and Olivia Coleman really do shine in every episode there in and this opener is no exception. Aswell as that I must talk about Julie Hesmondhalgh. She was incredible. She took such a sensitive subject and performed with such respect and grace you couldn’t help but feel heartbroken for her character. She truly did shine in this episode. We are also greeted with some more new faces too such as Lenny Henry, Sarah Parish and many more. I’m excited to see more of there characters as more about them is revealed.

The music for this episode and the show entirely is something I have to touch upon, composed by Ólafur Arnalds it truly is memorizing. I own the first two soundtracks and I am very excited to own this series soundtrack too and were only on ep 1!. His music really helps draw you into any scene emotionally and keep you hooked throughout. Truly memorizing. I cant go any further also without mentioning the cinematography and the scenery too. As usual it really is breathtaking, its almost as if this town is its own character, it really does help make the show what it is, it reminds you how small and close the town are and makes you realize the ripples it will have going forward.

Overall Broadchurch Series 3 has returned with a bang and not a whimper. It is taking a very serious case and treating it with the sensitivity and respect it deserves whilst also keeping us hooked and asking questions. The cast, music and locations all shine as well as the cinematography. Overall it is a really strong start to the series and my rating for this first ep is an easy 9/10. Very biased I know but that’s just based on first viewing alone. It could change. They now have to keep this up which I think they personally will. Its looking to be a good final series!

So those are my thoughts on the first episode, next week ill share some of my theories as to what happened and by whom. Do you have any theories at all?! What did you think of this opening episode?! Leave your thoughts below!

Thanks for reading guys! My next Broadchurch post will be next Monday! However, a review for Logan may be coming by the end of the week! Look out for that!

Broadchurch airs weekly on Mondays at 9pm on ITV 1. Its good to have it back.

Thanks for Reading guys


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