Broadchurch – Series 3 Episode 2 Review!

Hey guys!

Well its that time of the week again! Most people around the country have just finished watching the second episode of the final series of Broadchurch, what an episode it was again!

First let’s catch up with last weeks’ episode, when a lady named Trish (Played by Julie Hesmondhalgh) calls in a sexual attack against her it is up to detectives Hardy and Miller (David Tennant and Olivia Coleman) to investigate.

When episode 2 starts it is the morning after the events of episode 1. We pick up with Miller and Hardy going around and questioning possible suspects. This episode not only deals with the ongoing investigation but also the repercussions of the attack on the victim Trish.

Like last week’s episode, the writers deal with the exact nature of the case with continued sensitivity as well as realism. To tackle a case such as this really does require a great sensitivity and yet need to be realistic so it truly reflects those that may have had this tragedy happen to them in the past, the episode shifts between the investigation and between Trish coming to terms with the events. This is handled really well by both the cast and writers.

Like I stated previously this episode also deals with the ongoing investigation of the case meaning the suspect list expands. Not only are we reintroduced to some of the characters from last week we also get introduced to some new ones. We get introduced to Trish’s (Soon to be) ex husband Ian Winterman, we meet taxi driver Clive Lucas, we also meet Leo Humphries the acting manager of a company that supplies rope and twine that was used on Trish. Now at the end of this post ill talk about my theories on the new suspects.

This episode also gives you a little more detail on our old characters. We learn that Maggie Radcliffe now works alone on the paper. Paul Coates feels betrayed by people not going to church and Mark Latimer is fighting for justice over his son Danny. Writer Chris Chibnall makes sure that we get the shift between old and new characters whilst also focusing on the case itself which is great to see on screen. Especially when old characters integrate with new. For example, Beth Latimer being the support worker for Trish during this episode, even accompanying her to her police interview. What’s great about this is seeing the character development for Beth. Having her start as the victim’s mother in series 1 to now being there as the support system for others, its really nice to see play out on screen.

I need to speak once again about Julie Hesmondhalgh. As I mentioned last week she really is an incredible actress for her performance and this week she’s the same. As the episodes go on you really feel and empathize with her character. There’s one scene in particular towards the midway point where Trish comes face to face with her daughter and tells her that she’s been raped. This really is an emotional scene and Julie Hesmondhalgh is incredible. The acting here really does make you emotional as you watch it.

After the episode was broadcast many people had there on theories as too who may have committed it. Now the prime suspect would seem to be Ian Wintermen and there are two main reasons for that. Firstly, he refused to have a DNA sample to rule him out of police enquiries and secondly he was seen at the end of the episode taking clothes out of a duffle bag and shoving them into a washing machine. Now for me this seems almost too obvious as then we would have our culprit at the end of the second episode. Personally I feel that whilst one of these suspects may have had a part to play, I don’t actually think we have met the culprit yet.

Now I know I promised but I’m not going to go anymore into my theory for now as I think I need to see one more episode! However, what do you think?! Do you have any theories so far??

Well guys, that’s it for this one. Sorry its quite a short one this time, been quite a weird few days, however my next broadchurch post will be next Monday! I may have another normal post by the end of the week too!

Thanks for reading guys


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