Doctor Who – The Pilot – Review

Hey Guys!

I know I know… I haven’t posted in a very long while. My apologies for that! Uni and well life has gotten in the way but no matter as I’m back now and I’m going to be talking about last night’s episode of Doctor Who! Warning read at your own risk as there WILL be spoilers.

After 16 long months of waiting with only teasers, a spin off and two Christmas specials to keep us going, at 7:20pm last night our favorite time lord was back as Peter Capaldi stars in the first episode of his final series of Doctor Who. Boy was it a treat.

Now its probably no surprise for me to say I really enjoyed this episode. Like a lot. I was initially very nervous before as its arguable that the previous series’ of the show has not been its strongest so this series has a lot riding on it being good especially since it is both Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat’s final series. However, I had little to worry about as this this series’ gets off to a very strong start.

From the static opening shot you immediately know were in good hands with new companion Bill – Played by Pearl Mackie – as she instantly shines on screen. From the moment her and Capaldi are put together in the very first scene their onscreen chemistry shines straight away. This is great to see especially before the main titles even roll on screen. We also get subtle references to The Doctors past with his previous sonic screwdrivers on his desk and the introduction to new questions that will accompany the series (More on that later) and also new music such as Bills theme which is also great!

From here we have a montage style sequence of The Doctor – Now a professor in a university – giving one of his Famous lectures which is shown alongside Bill going about her day to day life and activities. For me what I find most intriguing about this scene is the use of the editing. I really enjoy the way its paced and put together and then shown on screen. But that’s more of my film course coming through now! I also love Capaldi’s Doctor being shown as a professor as this suits his character very very well!

As the episode continues Steven Moffat (Head Writer) presents us with more questions and possible arcs for the rest of the series. One key example is through the use of a vault. During the episode we find out that The Doctor and Nardole have been guarding a vault covered in Gallifreyan writing. Were told that The Doctor has spent many years on earth so he can guard whatever it contains. This is to be one of the many mysteries and questions that we will be questioning as the series goes on. Personally I’m excited to see where this story arc leads too I just hope Moffat doesn’t overcomplicate it as he has done in the past.

This episode has also been compared to a jumping on point for new viewers of the show, otherwise known as a soft reboot and this is evident when you watch the episode. Yet for long term fans the show still continues with references to previous seasons. I for one love how new and fresh the show feels, you can tell that they have taken the 16 months to carefully plan what they wan to do and make sure it’s a treat for viewers and this comes across well on screen.

I need to speak about our main trio of characters, in particular the character of Bill. Pearl Mackie is fantastic she really is, the character of Bill is full of life; funny and asks all the questions that no other companion would think to ask normally. She really is a treat for fans. She is in every scene of the episode and I cannot stress how good she is in each scene. Trust me you will love her!

As mentioned her chemistry with The Doctor truly does shine on screen in all scenes they are in together. Adding to this and completing the Trio is returning character Nardole. When Nardole first turned up in the 2015 Xmas special I thought he was a fun character but lacked a lot of development. Yet now he is a recurring character he ahs become a lot more interesting and has a lot more depth to him. I’m very excited to see more of him, he also sizzles with The Doctor and Bill too. Together they are a great trio.

Before I carry on I need to talk about one particular moment of the episode that was by far my favorite moment. When Bill first enters the Tardis. We have seen this moment played out before many times but this has to be on my top 2 alongside Victorian Clara’s first time going into the TARDIS. I loved how the camera tracks back from bill into the TARDIS as it lights up. We also hear a newish version of Amy’s theme playing as The Doctor tells Bill “You’re safe in here and always will be”. I adore this scene and the rest that plays out. It was such a genius way for them to take this scene that has been played out many times and reinvent it. I loved it.

In terms of the episode’s main villain of the piece, its safe to say it was very interesting and also quite scary at points for viewers! However, I do wish that they turn up again in later episodes so that we learn a lot more of who they actually are, this probably wont happen but it would be interesting to learn more of the villain itself. However this is only a minor improvement on my part.

There was a lot of great Easter eggs and references to the history of Who in this episode too such as pictures of Susan and River Song on his desk, previously mentioned sonic screwdrivers on The Doctors desk and also a reference back to Clara’s Theme when The Doctor goes to wipe Bills memory yet cant go through with it. I liked this reference back to Clara as it showed how The Doctor was still scarred by losing one of his closest friends. It was definitely an emotional moment. Speaking of this, the music used throughout this episode as usual with Doctor Who was spot on. Murray gold is fantastic with all his music used in the show.

Now before I round off this short review of the episode I need to quickly talk about the trailers at the end. Now at the end of the episode we got a 15 second trailer for next weeks’ episode and also a 20 second trailer for the rest of the series. The biggest talking point of this was the very last shot. This was off the previous incarnation of The Master played by John Simms. This was a huge deal to see for many fans especially since he is going to be paired off with the current version of The Master (Missy) played by Michelle Gomez, I for one am very very excited. So excited that when I saw the shot I jumped up into the air and did a fist bump. Yep that is true.

Overall ‘The Pilot’ is a great series opener for the Tenth Series of the beloved sci-fi show. It feels fresh and new and welcomes new companion Bill with Open arms. The Doctor is back on our screens, and if the rest of the series is anything like this first episode then were in for a thrill ride. I for one cannot bloody wait.

I Rate Series 10 Episode 1 – 8/10.

Well that was a short review this time around, just getting my bearings again, sorry in the delay in posts I will do another post to explain all of that soon!

Thanks for reading guys


One thought on “Doctor Who – The Pilot – Review

  1. Great review. I too was worried that it wouldn’t live up to the hype but was not disappointed. I’ve watched it twice, just in case I missed something.
    Bill is great, she has a child like wonder in all she does. You can’t help but feel that’s because of her home life.

    In my house we all have our theories about who she may be descended from etc. Can’t wait to find out.


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