The 13th Doctor Revealed!

Well… Holy crap….

So today was a massive day for Doctor Who fans, a new Doctor was revealed. Whenever the actor playing the title character announces that they are leaving then the biggest question is always, Who’s next. Recently that has been a question on many peoples minds along with, will the doctor be male or female.

Today we got that answer.

Jodie Whittaker is the 13th doctor.

We have our first female incarnation of the time lord. What a fantastic move the show is making.

The debate of whether the character should be male or female has been a debate for a long time, but honestly, it shouldn’t have been, this is such a fantastic move for this show to make. For a show that’s about change and renewal and endless possibilities the fact the character is now female – in my opinion – is truly a great choice, the fact The Doctor truly can be anyone is so exciting and this is a fresh move that the show has needed in recent times.

As for the actress to play the 13th doctor, Jodie Whittaker is again a great choice. Having appeared in many TV and Films before but most notably as Beth in Broadchurch, she really is a fantastic actress and – again in my opinion – a fantastic choice for the role. I’m very excited to see the new timelord in action next year, especially with the new writer being Chris Chibnall (Who also wrote for broadchurch!) It’s safe to say I’m very excited!

Jodie Whittaker takes over from Peter Capaldi on Christmas day as he bows out of the role after 4 years of playing the title character and I for one am devastated to see him go (See previous post ‘My Thoughts on… PETER CAPALDI LEAVING DOCTOR WHO!!’). I really hope his last episode is one to remember yet I am super excited to see the 13th Doctor for the first time! The Christmas episode will definitely be an emotional one for sure!

What do you think of the announcement?! Are you happy with the choice that’s been made? I for one am! Like I said the entire show is about change and the fact they have made this move really is fantastic.

Thanks for reading guys, more posts are coming soon promise!


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